Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

Veering away from weddings here for a second to share some images from our weekend at Blackberry farm. My husband and I had dreamed about visiting for a couple of years and I finally made reservations for Bryan's Christmas gift last year. It seemed a much better idea to gift an experience over something material, and more importantly to have a couple of days to ourselves. So with the help of my amazing Mother-in-law, we escaped the every day craziness and enjoyed a weekend of relaxing, riding bikes, and completing sentences without interruptions. I immediatly fell in love with the property, and the food and service was incredible! Blackberry farm was truly a treat and everything we had hoped it would be. Now I just have to find a client who wants me to photograph their wedding there so I can return one day.

Blackberry Farm - Wedding Venue 77.jpg
Blackberry Farm - Wedding Venue 74.jpg
Blackberry Farm - Wedding Venue-80.jpg