A little peek into our 2016

2016 was the BEST!

I'm working on my family album for last year and thought I'd share some of my favorite images here too! I feel so fortunate and lucky to live my life with the most wonderful man by my side. We laughed a lot, took some fun trips and the kids are all happy and healthy. 

A couple of highlights .... 

In February we spent a few days at Disney and a week in the eastern part of the Caribbean. Gabe got to spend a month in the UK this summer with my parents and we enjoyed a visit with them over here as well. While Gabe was away I took the twins camping by myself to Huntington Island State park. I hadn't even put a tent up before and we really had a big time on a very small budget! I also travelled to New Jersey and California for work and spent a couple of really awesome days at the Joshua Tree National park. We spent our down time hiking mountain trails, on the river, enjoying local breweries and playing with Milo our (English Cream) Golden Retriever.

We raised chickens for the first time! I know right?!! Bryan still thinks I'm crazy but he built me the most amazing coop and the twins loved watching them grow from little baby chicks. We get 2/3 fresh eggs every day which has been great and they really don't require a lot of up-keep. In other news I became a US citizen!!!! After living here for 16 years I thought it was about time and I really wanted to vote this year! (no comments about the results). Getting sworn in was quite the emotional experience and I had to study pretty hard to take the test, I beat every American-born friend of mine when quizzed :)

Addison is coming out of her shell and Caleb loves to create; I think he's going to be the real artist in the family. The twins are in First grade, writing and reading and their personalities are really starting to shine through. I can't believe they're 6! Every time a memory pops up on my Facebook feed I'm shocked how these sweet years are passing by too quickly! Gabe starts high-school next year and well I'm just not quite ready to even think about that :/

I became an Aunt this year and I took a trip to meet my gorgeous nephew 'Storm' and visit with my Brother and sister-in-law. Denmark is incredible and I can't wait to go back! My brother is fixing up an old farm about an hour outside of Copenhagen. I'm so proud of their accomplishments, they take sustainable living to a whole new level!

I shot 33 weddings last year and countless sessions and I REALLY need to post my 'year in review' as I obviously failed to blog much in 2016! Hopefully I will get to that shortly but if you don't follow me already on Instagram that's where you'll find my most recent work.

2017 will no doubt bring more adventures as we are starting to build a house amongst other things! I'm going to enjoy these next few quieter weeks of winter and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!! 

{BIG Thanks to my dear friend Bren from Bren Photography for taking our family portraits this fall- we just adore them!}