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Lucy + Graylyn | A wedding at The Biltmore Forest Country Club, Asheville, NC

I hadn't met Lucy and Graylyn until the day of their wedding. I don't know if it was hearing the English accents or just their warm presence but they immediately felt like long lost friends. They met and fell in love while attending St. Andrews college in the UK. They recited their vows at Graylyn's parents home infront of the fireplace and an intimate group of family from both sides of the Atlantic. The following day; A big bash at the Country Club! It was such a cold February weekend (not that anyone noticed) Lucy and Graylyn barely left each others side, grinning the entire time. After the long distances and time apart it seemed to make the celebration and commitment even more special.

Venue: Biltmore Forest Country Club | Floral Design: Blossoms at Biltmore Park | Hair: Amanda Hughes & Makeup: Wendy Balance of Blush Asheville | Cake: The Peninsula Grill, Charleston | Reception Music: The Dickens | Film Lab: Photovision |

The First Look | Rose Garden, Biltmore Estate

Photographing a couple's wedding is a real honor for me. It's monumental, albeit a little stressful and well, a really big deal that my clients completely trust me to capture this massive moment in their lives. The morning that I wake up and don't feel a little nervous to rise and accomplish this task I think is the day I will stop shooting weddings. 

Laura and Brian's wedding day was no exception to this rule especially given that they are both two highly creative and accomplished artists themselves (no pressure). The biggest compliment someone can give me as a wedding photographer is to be told to be myself and encouraged to be creative. Laura and Brian did just that and we had a wonderful time in the Butterfly garden on the Biltmore Estate.

Here are just a couple of images from their first look amongst the roses.

Wedding Venue: Butterfly Garden, Biltmore Estate

Hair & Makeup: Blush: Asheville Makeup Artists

Wildflower Bridal | The Grand Opening of Asheville's new Bridal Boutique

Wildflower is a beautiful bridal boutique nestled in the heart of Biltmore Park, Asheville. Their wedding dresses are absolutly stunning, with accessories to die for. The boutique was designed with the help of Sparc-Design Architects, who created an outstanding space with a luxurious and intimate experience in mind! I was so glad to be apart of the grand opening and to spend some time with Margaux and her team during this special occasion.

Here are a couple of images from our afternoon, please click here if you'd like to see more.

Make-up by Wendy from  Blush : Asheville Makeup Artists

Event Planning by Maura Scarmack from Honey Darling Events

Asheville Bridal-Wildflower Bridal-Wedding Dress 1.jpg
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